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Welcome to The Singing Hive

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Hello, I’m Pippa!

Thanks for stopping by. I’d love to tell you a bit about myself. 

The early years

Singing has been a big part of my life since I was little. I took up the violin and piano when I was at primary school and would play a tune on anything I could find. My parents were endlessly patient when I put on concerts at home, and they’d take me to concerts and operas as I got older.

I was lucky that my school – the local state comp – had excellent music teachers. In the school orchestra, we’d play ‘Malteser hockey’ with our bows, we performed Gilbert & Sullivan and we had a fabulous teacher who ran the Chapel Choir. You couldn’t do this nowadays, but we went on choir tours on narrow boats and rehearsed on the tow-path.  And yes, I did fall into the water once…or twice. We were allowed to have fun. It was pure joy and I loved it. It’s no coincidence that several of us from the same school Chapel Choir are now professional musicians.

University years

I went on to study music and French at Bristol University (French, because – wine and cheese?) and then to the Royal Academy of Music in London, where I did a two-year postgraduate diploma in being a soprano. These were the times that I connected with other like-minded musicians and formed a lifelong network of colleagues.  

Professional singing

Since becoming a professional singer, I’ve sung in the Royal Albert Hall, in many of Europe’s finest concert halls, sung Renaissance polyphony in a Mexican cemetery on The Day of Dead; opera in Montepulciano and British country house gardens; I’ve sung on cruise ships on the river Amazon, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and the Holy Lands; I’ve performed live on the telly at the BBC Proms, on radio and sung on commercial recordings; I’ve toured special needs schools and care homes with a harpsichordist. Nothing would surprise me in a live performance any more! 

Oh – and I sang on the soundtrack of Kung-Fu Panda.  This one seems to impress people the most. For a jobbing singer, it’s all in a day’s work.  

I am not sure if I have ever had a niche or specialism in one particular area of classical singing and that’s part of the pleasure – I adapt, depending on what the job is.

In opera, I’ve sung the roles of maids, animals, children and general mischief-makers – probably because I’m little more than five feet tall!

This review made me chuckle: 

“But in many ways the star of the show, bizarrely, was Pippa Goss’s Flora. [She] was a perfect solution: probably in her mid-20s but passable as 14 with no suggestion of the grotesque and a fine, clear voice.”

Opera Now magazine

Much of my professional work has been in choirs, consorts and small vocal ensembles. This type of work is collaborative and fast-paced and I enjoy being a smaller cog in a bigger machine.  British singers are known around the world for being excellent sight readers and quick to pick up new repertoire – we get the job done well and quickly and in the music profession, this is gold. 

My singing career in all its variety, has given me tools of the trade and experience of the high standards expected by the industry. It is my pleasure to carry these high standards through to my teaching work at The Singing Hive and pass on the joy of music-making. 

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