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Are singing lessons worth it?

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First up, if you are interested in learning about whether singing can be learned or it is something you can just ‘do’, then head to this post. If you’d like know whether singing lessons are worth your time and financial investment, read on my friend, read on!

I know what you’re thinking – of course I am going to say having vocal coaching is worth it! I run a singing teaching business. Bear with me.

In short, if you find the right singing teacher or vocal coach for you, then having singing lessons in person or vocal coaching online are not just worth it, they can be transformative. 

Let’s use an analogy here.  

If I need a tree taken down, I ring a tree surgeon – they have harnesses and ladders and safety things that I don’t have.  If my loo stops working, I ring the plumber – they know how loos work and it’ll get messy quickly if I start tinkering. When I need a haircut, I go to a hairdresser (believe me, I tried DIY hairdressing in lockdown and it wasn’t pretty!).    

Why pay for expertise?

Because I know from experience that the DIY approach does not save me time, money or freedom from exasperation in the long-run. I can get some small jobs done, but for the bigger jobs, I need help.  

Learning to sing is one of those bigger jobs. No matter what some people say, there aren’t many quick fixes (although a simple fix for a song that is too high might be something like changing the key of a song to match your vocal comfort zone). Learning to navigate your voice and embed new learning is a longer-term game.

Can’t I DIY-it?

You can. Up to a point. 

You can watch YouTube ‘How to Sing’ videos. But as I tell my drama school undergrads, there’s a heck of a lot of nonsense out there. If you are a relative novice, you have no way of knowing what’s total gibberish and what’s decent information.  I’d go so far as to say: even if you are an experienced singer, you can easily get blindsided by online tutorials which are at best factually incorrect and at worst potentially harmful for your voice.   

Here is a YouTube vocal coach that I rate highly – Maddie Tarbox Vocal Studio. Maddie’s videos are evidence-based and well-informed.

You can also find excellent information in podcasts, such as This is a Voice podcast. I trained as a multi-genre singing teacher with Dr Gillyanne Kayes who hosts this podcast.

Your challenges, your voice – not someone else’s

There are only so many YouTube videos you can watch called ‘Five easy steps for an effortless belt!!’, ‘These singing exercises are going to increase your range and power in one week’, ‘How to sing everything loud, faster and for longer!’ before you start realising that your challenges with your voice in the songs that you want to sing are not being solved.  And to get that personal, targeted support, you need to work with a singing teacher or vocal coach.  

Someone to cheer you on and keep you accountable

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Working in person or online with a singing teacher or vocal coach is like having your own personal cheerleader.  They will celebrate your successes, no matter how big or small and commiserate with you on low points (they’ve probably been there too). 

A good singing teacher will help you clarify your goals and provide you with a structure to help achieve them. They provide accountability, which in turn can be highly motivating to succeed, and succeed again.  

Being part of a singing teaching studio may lead to group opportunities and a community of like-minded singers so that you can practise performing for a friendly crowd – you might not get that if you are DIY-ing. 

Tailored learning for YOU

A singing teacher or vocal coach worth their salt has expert knowledge, experience, PLUS the ability to see the big picture and the incremental steps that it takes to get you from point A to B with your goals in mind.  

They understand how different people learn at different paces and how learning actually happens in the brain. Singing teachers with specialist training understand about singers with different learning needs such as dyslexia, ADHD, autism, hearing or visual impairments.  And the best thing is that because lessons are 1:1, all the learning can be super-specifically tailored to you.  

Singing teachers are masters at crafting a learning journey with you and for you. 

Tax deductible for pros

Oh – and of course, if you are a pro singer, all your singing lessons and vocal coaching costs are tax deductible.  The winner takes it all!

Singing lessons can be transformative

Having 1:1 singing lessons can transform your confidence in your singing ability.  They can transform your technique so that it works for you in a reliable, healthy and sustainable way. So that your technique works for all your creative and artistic choices.  They can transform your knowledge of how your voice works on a functional level.  They can transform the type of songs or repertoire you sing. 

Singing lessons are worth it because they can change the way you problem solve and find your own solutions so that you don’t need the teacher anymore.  

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