FREE DOWNLOAD 10 tips to optimise your vocal health  FREE DOWNLOAD 10 tips to optimise your vocal health  FREE DOWNLOAD 10 tips to optimise your vocal health  FREE DOWNLOAD 10 tips to optimise your vocal health  
Vocal coach Pippa sits at her piano accompanying a student during a singing lesson in her Manchester based singing school. Pippa is wearing a green dress and laughing and singing while her student laughs along with her.

It’s time to build expressive and sustainable singing voices that create a real buzz.

Manchester singing teacher for dedicated performers to achieve their musical aspirations.

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…Let’s not beat about the bush with false humility. You can already sing. In fact, you’re the bee’s knees. People (not just your fave Auntie!) have told you so.

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Singing teacher Pippa smiles at the camera in a yellow jacket with one arm on her hip. She looks confident and happy and a speech bubble reads "Hi, I'm Pippa"

Specialist singing teacher, vocal coach, professionally-trained classical soprano, and proud owner of The Singing Hive.

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